About Us

What’s in the name “Barefoot Lightning”?

Barefoot: A term used to describe the down to earth farmers and scientists who walk the fields with their peers to bring scientific observation and understanding to the challenges of agriculture and development.

Lightning: An intense and focused burst of energy with the capacity to spark creation and transform everything around it in the blink of an eye lid. Solutions at Lightning speed.

Barefoot lightning builds on this message and directing through a unique combination of capabilities to truly transform how knowledge impacts people at the ground level, either directly or through organisations active in the area, with a wide range of creative media and innovative ICT tools.


Our Vision

To transform rural lives and livelihoods through the use of ICTs to empower the people with practical, ecologically sound and sustainable knowledge and opportunities to help themselves, their families and their communities.

Our Mission

We will continue to search out and innovate new ways in which the livelihoods and opportunities available to our users can be changed for the better:
We will leave no stone unturned in our search for new revenue streams to support the delivery of our services and ensure these become ever more accessible to a wider and wider user base:
-We will never become reliant on a single revenue source which restrains our ability to continue with our services or deliver them impartially.


Barefoot Lightning brings together a unique set of capabilities which empower us to transform the way we view and serve farmers and the food and agriculture sector.

Our Values

We aim to be credible, inclusive, transparent, action-oriented and positive in all our work:

Credible: Our work is based on experience and evidence. We are independent. We act with integrity and independently across all groups and communities committed to action in agriculture value chains for development.

Inclusive: We enable anyone and everyone to act positively, wherever they are and whatever their circumstances. We believe everyone is capable of incredible things. We work with partners that share our commitment to a sustainable future.

Transparent: We make the impact individuals have on society clear and easy to understand.  The impact we make, both through our work and our own environmental footprint, is transparently reported. 

Action-oriented: We walk the talk. Our focus is on actions people can take that make a positive difference to their environmental impact. 

Positive: Everyone can make a difference in a positive way. Achievable steps every day can make a difference. We believe a more sustainable world is a better world for all.